Top Chef: Colorado - Season 15 – Episode Summary

Want to have your own Top Chef Colorado experience? Denver is a culinary-soaked wonderland of progressive, award-winning chefs, multi-cultural restaurants, formidable farmers’ markets, the most notable craft-beer culture in the country, highly regarded producers, ranchers and farmers and sensational food halls. Check out these foodie hotspots and scenic places from Bravo’s delicious TV series. Food & Wine has also put together its own Top Chef tour of Colorado


Episode 1: ‘It’ll Take More than Pot Luck’

Scene: Denver

Summary: The season kicks off with 15 contestants, including two from Colorado: Carrie Baird (Bar Dough, Denver) and Brother Luck (Four by Brother Luck, Colorado Springs). Carrie is relegated to the bottom two after the QuickFire Challenge, and doesn’t exactly redeem herself in the Elimination Challenge, which involves cooking a modernized meat-and-potato dish in the heart of Larimer Square, Denver’s oldest block.

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Episode 2: ‘Smile & Say Mise'

Scene: Denver and Larkspur

Summary: The Elimination Challenge involves creating a four-course progressive menu that features a mystery ingredient from Fruition Farms Creamery, Food & Wine magazine Best New Chef Alex Seidel’s Larkspur-based dairy farm. There, the chefs are schooled in the creamery’s award-winning cheeses before being shuttled to Mercantile Dining & Provision, Seidel’s stunning restaurant inside Denver Union Station, to execute their dishes for the judging panel.

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Episode 3: ‘Keep on Truckin’’

Scene: Denver and Boulder

Summary: Near the Colorado State Capitol, the chefs are given orders to deconstruct a Denver omelet and later are charged with conceptualizing a food truck concept and designing a three-dish menu for famished college students in Boulder.

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Episode 4: ‘Little Tools, Big Challenge’

Scene: Denver

Summary: The chefs are charged with updating classic dishes from a traditional kids’ menu, which are evaluated by pint-sized critics. For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs must make a meal that reflects their heritage, and they head to Comal, a multi-cultural, female-run food incubator that assists immigrant women with finding employment, for inspiration. Departure Denver Restaurant + Lounge, a pan-Asian restaurant in Cherry Creek, is the site of the Elimination Challenge.

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Episode 5: ‘This is Not Glamping’

Scene: Estes Park

Summary: The chefs head to Estes Park for a camping adventure and attempt to cook five-star meals in the woods.

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Episode 6: ‘Now that’s a lot of Schnitzel’

Scene: Denver

Summary: The chefs must create an elevated German dish and a raddler, a fifty-fifty mix of beer and fruit soda. Keegan Gerhard, who was raised in Germany and now spearheads the kitchen of Denver’s D Bar, is introduced as the guest judge, and he takes the chefs to Rhein Haus, a German-inspired biergarten, to introduce them to strudel and schweinshaxe. The Elimination Challenge takes place at Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park. Luck inexplicably creates an Asian-inspired egg roll. He’s promptly bid auf wiedersehen.

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Episode 7: ‘Olympic Dreams’

Scene: Denver

Summary: In the Capitol Hill neighborhood, the bleary-eyed chefs have to make breakfast dishes that incorporate Nutella. Baird cements her victory with a savory and spicy twist on eggs Benedict. Three bona fide Olympians later judge the Elimination Challenge.

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Episode 8: ‘Restaurant Wars’

Scene: Denver

Summary: Mile High Station, a gorgeous brick-walled special events venue, is the location of the smack down, which involves creating dueling pop-up restaurants, each of which is overseen by two teams of four.

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Episode 9: ‘Bronco Brouhaha’

Scene: Denver

Summary: The chefs must cook an elevated, game-winning dish at a tailgating party at Empower Field at Mile High. And that’s not all: They’ll also be judged by several Denver Broncos players, local star-chef Jennifer Jasinski and Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock.

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Episode 10: ‘Red Rum and then Some’

Scene: Denver and Estes Park

Summary: It’s about to get creepy. Just five chefs remain, and if that weren’t scary enough, they’re escorted to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, famous, for among other things, hosting horror novelist Stephen King and his wife for one night in 1973—a terrorizing evening that later became the inspiration for King’s novel, The Shining. The chefs have to construct a diabolical dessert that visualizes their worst nightmare. The chefs later cook for Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper at his official residence.

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Episode 11: ‘Cooking High’

Scene: Telluride

Summary: The remaining four cheftestants depart Denver for Telluride, the site of the first leg of the finals. After admiring the views and checking out their majestic mountain digs, they’re summoned to the town’s historic New Sheridan Bar. They have to hatch a recipe for a gastropub-inspired dish featuring sarsaparilla, a medicinal beverage and hangover cure. The Elimination Challenge involves cooking (and baking) at Alpino Vino, which, at an elevation of 12,000 feet, is North America’s loftiest restaurant.

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Episode 12: ‘Sunday Supper’

Scene: Telluride

Summary: It was only a matter of time before the chefs are required to cook with a famous Colorado ingredient, Rocky Mountain Oysters. For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs are chauffeured to the Observatory at Alta Lakes, where they’re treated to a reunion with a member from each of their families, all of whom cook a family-style dish illustrative of childhood rituals. Baird, Denver’s hometown heroine, gets the boot.

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Episode 13: ‘A Little Place Called Aspen’

Scene: Aspen

Summary: The final three cheftestants are plopped into the wilderness surrounding T-Lazy-7 Ranch, where they’re given 40 minutes to catch, cook and plate a trout dish. In order to advance to the grand finale, each team must cook a vegetarian dish that’s aromatic with the smoke and fire from the logs smoldering in their imposing Cowboy Cauldrons, a fancy name for steel fire pits and grills.

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Episode 14: ‘No Last Act’

Scene: Aspen

Summary: It’s the final showdown! Two Southside Chicago chefs—Adrienne Cheatham and Joe Flamm—have cooked their way into the final, but only one will emerge victorious. The two chefs bask in their glory on the gondola that whisks them skyward to the Aspen Mountain Club at the Little Nell. They have to create a four-course, side-by-side progressive meal for a table of culinary superstars. Flamm wins!

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For its 15th season, Top Chef, the smash Bravo TV show that featured 15 chefs from across the country competing in high-pressure culinary challenges, unfolded in venues across Colorado, including several locations in Denver.

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