Government & Community Affairs Committee

Staff: Allison Kohn & Richard Scharf

Nick LeMasters, President & CEO, Cherry Creek North BID
Hollie Velasquez-Horvath, Senior Director State Affairs & Community Relations, Xcel Energy

  • Provide guidance and assist with implementation of Denver Tourism Roadmap initiatives as they pertain to public policy or require political support
  • Provide feedback and guidance to VISIT DENVER’s Director of Government & Community Affairs on policy issues that may affect Denver’s tourism environment or jeopardize public funding for tourism marketing in Denver or Colorado
  • Be familiar with and educate the Board about pertinent policy issues by engaging subject matter experts or as disclosed by VISIT DENVER staff
  • Be familiar with key tourism policy messages that can be shared with elected officials or stakeholders about the ROI of tourism investment, i.e. “the elevator speech”
  • Ensure the Board is actively involved and represented in relevant government, public policy and community issues
  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with local, state and national elected officials
  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with neighborhood, business and community organizations
  • Encourage Board involvement in monitoring elections and policy issues that affect VISIT DENVER and the tourism industry
  • Recommend Board involvement in pertinent community and business issues that foster positive outcomes for VISIT DENVER and the tourism industry
  • Attend various governmental and community events throughout year as a VISIT DENVER guest that educate on issues relevant to tourism

2022 Committee Members

  • J. J. Ament, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce
  • Jolon Clark, Denver City Council
  • Rob Cohen, IMA Financial Group, Inc.
  • Evan Dreyer, City and County of Denver- Office of Mayor Michael B. Hancock
  • Andrew Feinstein, EXDO Group Companies
  • Barry Hirschfeld, A.B. Hirschfeld & Sons
  • Debra Johnson, Regional Transportation District
  • Deborah Jordy, Scientific and Cultural Facilities District
  • Greg Leonard, Hyatt Regency at the Colorado Convention Center
  • Amie Mayhew, Colorado Hotel & Lodging Association
  • Todd D. Munson, Vectra Bank of Colorado
  • Cindy Parsons, CSG International
  • Sonia Riggs, Colorado Restaurant Association
  • Edward Robinson, Robinson Management, LLC
  • Adam Schlegel, Cumulus, Etc.
  • Janice Sinden, Denver Center for the Performing Arts
  • Shane Stickel, Presidential Worldwide Transportation
  • Al Timothy, MillerCoors 
  • Sid Wilson, A Private Guide, Inc.
  • Tim Wolfe, Colorado Tourism Office

2022 Board of Directors


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