Garden terrace at The Art hotel.

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Hotel Sustainability Reports

We surveyed our downtown hotels on their sustainability practices, including waste management, energy conservation, air quality and more.

This survey provides meeting planners and visitors with comparable information regarding the sustainable practices of our hotels. Use the tabs below to explore the results from all hotels in individual categories. Use the final tab to download responses from individual hotels.


Communication with all stakeholders is very important to the success of a sustainability program. Read how our hotels promote their efforts. Download the report

Third-party Certifications and Awards

Third-party certifications are helpful because they act as a nonbiased party to verify the efforts of a hotel. Read about the certifications and the many accolades earned by our hotels. Download the report


Read how our hotels use of alternative transportation methods, such as bike racks and hybrid vehicles are reducing their carbon footprint. Download the report

Waste Management and Diversion

Hotels and the hospitality industry produce large volumes of waste. Read how our hotels dispose of it in sustainable ways, including recycling efforts and donation of amenities. Download the report

Water Quality and Conservation

Water is a valuable resource, especially in Denver's semiarid environment. Learn how our hotels are being responsible users, including use of low-flow fixtures and biodegradable detergents. Download the report