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In 1988, Denver Mayor Federico Peña established the Denver Public Art Program, which dedicates 1 percent of all capital improvement projects to be set aside for the inclusion of art.  That has led to millions of dollars of art projects for the Colorado Convention Center, incorporating art as an important part of the building.


"The Blue Bear has become a symbol of the Colorado Convention Center, but the bear should really be green, to symbolize all the money that is brought into the city from that building."

Charlie Brown
Former Denver City Council member



"The Colorado Convention Center is one of the largest public buildings in Denver and arguably one of the largest art galleries in the state. Public art adds color and whimsy to a building with a lot of wall space."

Kent Rice,
Denver Arts & Venues


Colorado Convention Center Floor Plans

Floor Plans

Get a closer look at the Colorado Convention Center and why this design makes it one of the best conference centers in Colorado and the U.S. Explore…

Terrace Level

The Terrace Level is the newest addition to the Colorado Convention Center with the amenities meeting professionals want.