Event Carbon Footprint Calculator

Denver Eco Friendly Event CO2e Emissions Calculation Tool: 

The Denver Eco Friendly Event CO2e Emissions Calculation Tool is an easy-to-use online tool that calculates Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Equivalent (e) emissions that result from your green conference or event in Denver. It covers all aspects of your time here, from air travel to ground transportation to hotel accommodations. After estimating your carbon footprint, you will have the option of purchasing carbon offsets, which help support new green energy efficiency and renewable energy projects geared toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Turn your event green and start calculating now!

This calculator was developed by Camco. Camco is a leading climate change business that assists organizations worldwide in turning their climate change liabilities into economic, social and environmental assets.

Travel by Land

Please provide data for the number of organizers making round-trip journeys of the following distances to the event:

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20 - 100 miles round-trip:
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Travel by Air
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