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Colorado Convention Center Sustainability

“The Colorado Convention Center and City of Denver are leaders in sustainability collaboration across a destination. VISIT DENVER, the CCC, Sodexo, and hotel community – they are all on the same page, making every meeting in Denver more sustainable.  Taken together, they can accommodate the most ambitious sustainability goals of an event.” Amanda Simons, Honeycomb Strategies

Sustainability Certifications 

The CCC believes in using certifications as both a tool and guide in developing and implementing sustainability initiatives. Maintaining these certifications demonstrates an ongoing commitment to sustainability, continual improvement and transparency of its sustainability efforts. Current certifications include: 

  • LEED Existing Building  Operations and Maintenance Level GOLD 
  • ISO Standard 14001  Environmental Management System 


Waste Management 

The CCC's comprehensive waste management program focuses on identifying, reducing and diverting the various waste streams created by venue operations, attendees and clients. Components of this plan include a facility waste audit, as well as methods to reduce the amount of waste being created, manage inevitable waste and divert waste from landfills by means of reuse, repurposing, recycling and composting. Each year these efforts result in diverting nearly 50 percent of the waste produced from the landfill. 

Donations – The CCC reclaim room allows for events to donate bags and other leftover conference materials to various non-profits throughout the city.

Recycling and composting – Single-stream recycling bins are placed at every landfill bin throughout the venue. In addition, compost collection bins are placed in lobbies and food functions, as well as in the back of the house kitchen and upon request by event organizers.

Water fill stations – Water filling stations are located at every drinking fountain throughout the CCC to allow patrons to fill reusable water bottles and reduce single-use plastic water bottles.


Energy & Water Conservation

The CCC electrical and engineering departments work hard to reduce energy and water consumption through mindful scheduling, equipment retrofits and upgrades, and preventive maintenance.

Solar array – In 2008, the CCC installed a 300kw rooftop solar array, which generates about 400,000 kWh annually.

Daylighting – Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine allow the center to turn off lights in the atriums during the daytime, reducing energy usage considerably. 

Lighting retrofits – All lights in the meeting rooms, lobbies, ballrooms and exhibit halls have been converted to LED. 

Native landscape – The xeriscape along 14th Street has reduced landscape irrigation by 75 percent. 

Water conservation – All restrooms have been retrofitted with low-flow toilets and urinals.


Air Quality

Clean air both inside and out of the venue is of the utmost priority. The CCC has several policies and technology in place to ensure the health of the building and its occupants.

Engines Off! – The CCC adheres to the City and County of Denver's idling ordinance of 5 minutes or less. Signage is placed throughout the venue to remind drivers to turn their engines off. 

Bike parking – Bike racks are located at every entrance of the CCC for attendee use. 

Light rail – A light rail station is located on the property of the convention center. 

Walkability – The CCC is located within walking distance of more than 13,000 hotels rooms. The popular 16th Street Mall is two blocks away with a large variety of restaurants, shopping and entertainment options.

  • HVAC air filters  The CCC continues to maintain and exceed LEED Certification IAQ requirements as the HVAC systems are fitted with MERV 8 pleated filters paired with Multi Sak filters equaling MERV 13 performance rate and MERV 13 pleated filters.
  • Global Plasma Solutions (GPS)  GPS ionization units have been added to all air handler units (AHU) and heater pumps, giving the CCC 100 percent coverage with the ionization units. These new units pump ions into the air system, which travel throughout the system and attach to viruses and bacteria. This action kills the bacteria by removing their hydrogen or they agglomerate with allergens, dust and other particles allowing for the MERV 8+ & 13 filters to capture them. 


Sodexo Live! 

Sodexo Live!, the exclusive food and beverage caterer at the CCC and is committed to sustainability. 

Procurement – The culinary team works to identify local and sustainable products for events. 

Serviceware – All products are either compostable or recyclable to support the center’s waste diversion program. Straws are available upon request only.

Blue Bear Farm – In summer 2012, Centerplate built the Blue Bear Farm. This 5,000-square-foot farm was constructed next to the Colorado Convention Center to provide a variety of fresh produce, year-round, to the center’s catering company, Sodexo Live!. This farm produces more than 5,000 pounds of produce a year. 

For additional information, visit the Colorado Convention Center's sustainability page. 

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