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For eons, Colorado served as home to a wide array of Indigenous tribes that frequented the South Platte River area, an important gathering point. But Denver, as we know today it in its modern form, evolved from a gold mining town during the Pike's Peak Gold Rush in 1858. Delve into the past at Denver’s many museums, galleries, tours and attractions and meet the movers and shakers who shaped the city: Native Americans, cowboys and cattle ranchers, jazz legends and Beat poets, railroad barons and craft brewers, artists and activists.

Long before the discovery of gold brought pioneers to the area, Colorado served as home to a wide array of Native American tribes whose descendants continue today to carry on the traditions. Visitors...

February may be the official Black History Month, but in Denver, the rich heritage of the city's African American residents past and present is celebrated year-round. The Mile High City and its...

With eight new restaurants, two bars, a hotel and a half acre of splashing water fountains, The Mile High City's glittering newly refurbished Union Station has already become the center of...

The mere whisper of gold was enough to start a veritable stampede into the region. After all, the California Gold Rush had occurred just nine years earlier. You can still get a taste of Denver's...


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