Chalk Art Festival in Denver, CO

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Denver Chalk Art Festival

The art you'll encounter during the Denver Chalk Art Festival isn't in galleries — it's on the pavement! The event features more than 200 professional and amateur artists who will spend hours on their creations over the course of two days. Their efforts transform the streets into a bright and colorful street museum, adorned in vivid pastel chalks.

Area schools and youth groups will have the chance to compete for cash prizes that will go to their respective school or youth group's visual arts departments. This is truly a unique way to show school spirit, team build and fundraise for school arts programs!

A Bit of Background

Denver Chalk Art Festival follows street painting traditions that originated in 16th-century Renaissance Italy when artists began transforming asphalt into canvas using chalk. The artists were called “madonnari,” after their customary practice of recreating chalk paintings of the Madonna. Historically, madonnari were known for their life of travel and freedom, making their living from coins received from passers-by.

Today, artists worldwide are taking to the streets, bringing with them new ideas, techniques and excitement for this ancient form of expression. Handmade French pastels have replaced the simple chalks previously used and the paintings have become complicated images of traditional master-style works, modern pieces and surreal chalk art creations.

What You'll See

Creating these amazing works of art requires more than just scribbling on the sidewalk. First, the artist must draw an outline of the original painting in proper proportion using a pencil or a charcoal pastel. Then they begin to lay the base of colors. Using a number of colored pastels, the artist layers the chalk, blending the colors to create shadow, contrast and depth. The art may not last long, but that's sort of the point. The fun in this kind of art is in the performance aspect. Visitors to the Denver Chalk Art Festival are given the rare opportunity to watch as an artist transforms a spot of blank asphalt into a beautifully expressive painting.

Of course, that's not all that attendees can expect at the festival. There will be live music and a kids' corner where your young ones will get a chance to make some chalk art of their own!

Artists are competing for the coveted “People’s Choice Awards.” Voting takes place during the festival and closes at 4 p.m. on Sunday, June 2. The link to vote online will be live on the website during that time. The awards ceremony will take place on Sunday, June 2 at 5 p.m. at the CherryArts Stage. Everyone is welcome!  

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