Il Posto in Denver, Colorado

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Denver Italian Restaurant

It’s tough to beat Italian when it comes to comfort food. Spaghetti topped with tangy, hearty Bolognese sauce, pillowy ravioli stuffed with cheese, lasagna stacked high and baked to a bubbling finish. And don’t even get us started on dessert — creamy, espresso-spiked tiramisu and creme brulee with its oh-so-satisfying crackle. But Denver’s Italian restaurants go beyond your typical trattoria dishes (although they’ve perfected those as well) to offer regional fare from across Italy as well as innovations on old classics. Bar Dough in LoHi is a great choice for a rustic-gourmet meal, like their pappardelle with milk-braised tuscan hare, walnut, marjoram and lemon. Or grab a group and circle up at Carmine’s on Penn, where overflowing dishes are made to share with a friend — or four. And for cheese connoisseurs, there’s no better spot in town than the mozzarella bar at Coperta. 

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