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Museum Updates

Denver's arts scene is shining brighter than ever with some key openings and reopenings. Denver Art Museum recently celebrated the reopening of the Martin Building (formerly known as the North Building). First opened in 1971, the building was designed by Italian architect Gio Ponti and Denver-based James Sudler Associates. The building has been fully renovated with expanded gallery space, plus stunning views of the city skyline and Rocky Mountains. The building showcases Asian art, Indigenous arts of North America, Northwest Coast and Alaska Native, European and American art before 1900, Latin American and art of the ancient Americas, photography, textile art and fashion, and Western American art collections.

And for a truly unforgettable experience for all ages, check out Meow Wolf Denver's Convergence Station, the Santa Fe, New Mexico-based arts and entertainment company’s new permanent installation. Discover immersive, mind-bending art across the four alien worlds of C Street, Eemia, Ossuary and Numina. Uncover the secrets within. Inside the bustling multiverse transit station known as Convergence Station lies HELLOFOOD, an oasis of combined culinary cultures serving QDOT for 2,500 years and counting! Here, visitors can recharge from their cosmic exploration, and find sustenance in tasty treats and bold brews from local vendors.

Blockbuster Exhibitions

The 19th Century in European and American Art

WHERE: Denver Art Museum
In newly installed galleries, view more than 85 artworks from the museum’s collection by Claude Monet, Berthe Morisot, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, Édouard Manet, Willard Leroy Metcalf, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Childe Hassam and others that tell a story about one of the most important times in art history.

Whistler to Cassatt: American Painters in France

WHEN: Thru March 13, 2022 
WHERE: Dever Art Museum

See more than 100 paintings made between 1855 and 1913 in the first comprehensive examination of France's stylistic impact on American painting of the period. From academic training in Paris to exploration of the countryside landscape, Whistler to Cassatt reveals both the visual and conceptual influences of France on American painters in the 19th and early 20th century.

GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World

WHEN: Thru May 15, 2022 
WHERE: Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS)

Explore the science, sound, history and pop culture behind the world’s most popular instrument. You will experience and celebrate the many facets of this iconic instrument, from its origin and continued evolution, to the music it creates and the cultural impact it has had. The exhibition features more than 60 instruments and explores the cultural and physical history of the guitar — from lutes and ouds to modern, high-tech and experimental instruments. You'll also get to know some local guitarists through short biographies and imagery featured throughout the exhibition.

Now Showing

Lessons Learned by Emilio Lobato

WHEN: Thru Jan. 15, 2022
WHERE: William Havu Gallery
Lobato’s latest body of work consists of collages made from rubber and tacks on panel, assemblages made from antique printing blocks, and porcelain sculptures, in addition to oils with collage on panel and monotypes.

The Aylesworth Project

WHEN: Thru Jan. 21, 2022
WHERE: CSU Campus - Directions Gallery in the Visual Arts Building, Fort Collins
The Aylesworth Project is organized around an experimental sound/video piece Grant and Brent Helzer created with recordings before and during the demolition of the old Aylesworth building. Aylesworth Hall was a student dormitory at Colorado State University from 1958 to 2019. Built in response to an influx of students in the years following World War Two, the building operated as a dormitory for several years before gradually being converted to other functions before being torn down in 2019. The Aylesworth Project revives the dormitory through pieces created from the sounds of Aylesworth Hall, pieces that reflect sonic states of the building during the last two years of its life: states of disuse, emptiness and demolition.

Intimate Works and Myths of Realism

WHEN: Thru Jan. 28, 2022
WHERE: 3258 Larimer Street
Curator Dan Drossman is proud to welcome Professor emeritus Roy Nydorf from Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina. His paintings in this exhibit include early, small works depicting human and animal portrayals, landscapes and mythical subjects. Local artist Michael Dowling showcases paintings that explore surreal figures and portraits with a historical context.

Deborah Roberts: I'm

WHEN: Thru Jan. 30, 2022
WHERE: MCA DENVER — Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

Roberts's mixed media works on paper and on canvas combine found images sourced from the Internet with hand-painted details in striking figural compositions that invite viewers to look closely and to see through the layers. She focuses her gaze on Black children — historically, and still today, among the most vulnerable members of our population — investigating how societal pressures, projected images of beauty or heroism, and the violence of American racism condition their experiences growing up in this country as well as how others perceive them. 

Jason Moran: Bathing the Room With Blues

WHEN: Thru Jan. 30, 2022
WHERE: MCA DENVER — Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

Renowned artist and musician Jason Moran presents a gathering of artworks that celebrates space and creative expression in jazz history, as well as the importance of music and live performance as vital forces in Black culture and American life. Through a range of media, Moran highlights his fascination with the physical environments where music is born and how the residue of music-making can be captured.

Beauty of the Birdwing

WHEN: Thru Jan. 31, 2022
WHERE: Butterfly Pavilion, Westminster

Visit Butterfly Pavilion to immerse yourself among hundreds of the largest, most spectacular and rare butterflies in the world — the Birdwing butterfly – while experiencing the resilience these majestic animals inspire. Witness these beautiful creatures in flight, learn more about the threats to their existence and find out how you can support their survival!

Immersive Van Gogh

WHEN: Thru Feb. 21, 2022
WHERE: Lighthouse Denver

Renowned for transforming venues into unforgettable art experiences, the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit strives to highlight the unique architecture of its spaces while integrating influences from its history and community. Get ready to be transported the second you step inside!

Passages: Bound and Free

WHEN: Thru Feb. 25, 2022
WHERE: Blair Caldwell African American Research Library

This exhibition portrays artist Verline “Mijiza” Geaither's personal interpretation of the experiences of many Black men, women and children who live and have lived in the United States of America. As you experience this artwork, consider what it might invoke inside of you about your personal journey. What have been the passages in your life, what do you anticipate in the future? We all come and go. What do you see? How do you feel? What do you know? And, ultimately, who is in control?

Smoking Mirrors: a Reflection on Identity in Mexico and the USA, 1821-2021

WHEN: Thru Feb. 26, 2022
WHERE: Museo de las Americas

This visual arts exhibit curated by the Chicano/a Murals of Colorado Project honors the Colorado Chicano/a mural tradition of using public art in service to the people and communities that are historically dehumanized and oppressed in US society.

The Culture Museum

WHEN: Thru Feb. 27, 2022; Fri.–Sun.
WHERE: 1439 26th St

Historic Five Points is home to a new immersive pop-up art museum and selfie exhibition celebrating Black girl magic! The new experience is curated by Museum for Black Girls founder Charlie Billingsley.

The Curse of Novo Ita: Immersive Art Experience

WHEN: Thru Feb. 27, 2022
WHERE: Spectra Art Space

Spookadelia investigates the human condition and our relationship with self and the world while providing a fresh take on art consumption and the haunted experience. This all-ages psychedelic immersive art, augmented reality and theatrical experience is spooky fun for the whole family!

By Design: Stories and Ideas Behind Objects

WHEN: Thru March 1, 2022
WHERE: Denver Art Museum

A series of thematic installations drawn primarily from the architecture and design collection, By Design: Stories and Ideas Behind Objects illustrates the abundance and versatility of approaches to design. How does it come into being? Who creates it and for what purpose? How does it serve society? What trends inspire it?

Black in Denver

WHEN: Thru March 5, 2022
WHERE: History Colorado Center

Narkita Gold is a Denver-based artist who's been honing her skills in digital photography since 2009. Her exhibition Black in Denver is a portrait and interview series that takes delves into Black life in Denver.

A Decade of Discovery: Clyfford Still in Denver

WHEN: Thru March 6, 2022
WHERE: Clyfford Still Museum

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Clyfford Still Museum, this exhibition takes inspiration from the museum’s beloved inaugural exhibition while highlighting some of its most compelling revelations since. Featured surprises include photographs of lost paintings from the 1930s, undocumented and mysterious artworks found during inventory, ways in which our understanding of Still’s earliest years and artistic training has expanded, and even a few architectural quirks of the building.

Organic Tarot: Works by Tya Alisa Anthony

WHEN: Thru April 3, 2022
WHERE: Denver Botanic Gardens

Interdisciplinary artist and curator Tya Alisa Anthony combines archival photos with botanical imagery to illuminate and reframe the personal stories of Depression-era Black sharecroppers and reimagine them as icons of divine and mystical power. Organic Tarot explores the often-hidden stories of people of color depicted in historic photographs.

Cross-Pollination: The Moth Migration Project

WHEN: Thru April 3, 2022
WHERE: Denver Botanic Gardens

In this immersive installation, Hilary Lorenz covers gallery surfaces with more than 16,000 ink and paper moths crowdsourced from participants in 27 countries. The project celebrates moths as both important pollinators and as a metaphor for the cross-pollination of ideas through global human relationships. Participants were encouraged to create moths specific to their geographic region.

Indelible Garden

WHEN: Thru April 3, 2022
WHERE: Denver Botanic Gardens

Memories of nature have left an indelible mark on Taiko Chandler’s identity, one which is reflected in her delicate, undulating abstractions. Born and raised in the mountains of Nagano, Japan, Chandler’s life has been shaped by the presence of the natural world. Recollections of the wild forests near her hometown, her father’s garden and her mother’s ikebana (traditional flower arranging) suffuse her artwork, finding form in the organic, layered shapes of her prints and installations. Chandler’s plant-like forms are not intended as literal representations of nature, but rather interpret its foundational influence on family and memory.

Kukuli Velarde: CORPUS

WHEN: Thru April 9, 2022
WHERE: Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College

This exhibition presents Peruvian American artist Kukuli Velarde’s CORPUS project in its entirety for the first time. Fifteen ceramic sculptures, each with matching tapestries, will be displayed in a symbolic representation of the annual Corpus Christi festival in Cusco, Perú. Corpus Christi is a Roman Catholic festival that is celebrated internationally; in majority-Catholic Perú, the festival holds great cultural and religious significance. Huge crowds flood the city streets to watch fifteen statues of saints and religious figures carried in procession from their respective parishes to a cathedral in the city center. The next day, the statues are carried in a specific order in procession around the central plaza. After the procession, they remain in the cathedral for seven days before being returned to their original homes.

State Historical Fund Retrospective

WHEN: Thru April 30, 2022
WHERE: History Colorado

This exhibit explores the rich contributions of History Colorado's State Historical Fund. Through the preservation of the built environment, the SHF has enhanced vibrant communities across the state for more than three decades.

The Power of Horses

WHEN: Thru May 9, 2022
WHERE: History Colorado Center

This exhibit features a mix of captivating artifacts, pop-culture cues and engaging activities to explore the power of horses. No stone is left unturned on this meandering journey through Colorado history, from prehistoric horses and Ute tribal traditions to contemporary Black horsemanship and even therapeutic horses. Visitors can explore the many ways these beautiful animals have shaped Colorado communities as working animals, sources of entertainment, treasured companions and symbols of freedom.

Sculpture on the Green II: Featuring Robert Mangold

WHEN: Thru May 2022
WHERE: Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre

MOA presents Sculpture on the Green II at Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre, the second installation of an ongoing, annual, rotating exhibition. This year features Colorado sculptor Robert Mangold. The sculptures are made from industrial steel piping. Some are painted a brilliant red, while others are simply polished, allowing for the beauty in the raw material to be revealed.

Skyward: Breakthroughs in Flight

WHEN: Thru June 15, 2022
WHERE: Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum

Opening in congruence with the anniversary of the Wright Brother’s historic flight, Skyward: Breakthroughs in Flight highlights extraordinary aerospace milestones and the people who made them happen by featuring one-of-a-kind artifacts from Wings’ own collection. Featured artifacts include Wright Flyer fabric that went to the moon with Neil Armstrong, an American flag signed by Charles Lindbergh, fabric from the Lockheed Vega that Amelia Earhart flew solo across the Atlantic and more! These artifacts help tell the story of each great moment in flight as well as the people that shaped the course of human history and enabled the next generation of aviators to fly higher, faster and farther.  

Revisión: Art in the Americas

WHEN: Thru July 17, 2022
WHERE: Denver Art Museum

This thematic presentation will explore land, people and place by linking ancient and contemporary artworks that address political and social issues at the heart of the region’s cultural heritage as well as expand the narrative through voices that include women artists and contemporary voices that speak to the diversity of the Americas.

Brick & Soul // Armando Geneyro

WHEN: Thru July 30, 2022
WHERE: History Colorado Center

Local photographer Armando Geneyro connects the build environment with the people who shape its meaning. A versatile photographer, Armando specializes in events coverage and photojournalism. His passion for street photography allows him to connect to his subjects and immerse himself in different cultures.

Seeing the Invisible

WHEN: Thru Aug. 1, 2022
WHERE: Denver Botanic Gardens

Seeing the Invisible presents virtual works that engage with existing features of the natural landscape. The augmented reality exhibition features new works by international artists including Ai Weiwei, El Anatsui, John Gerrard, Ori Gersht, Mohammed Kazem and Sigalit Landau — including several artists’ first works in AR. Beyond the boundaries of what is possible with physical artworks, many of the works created for the exhibition address themes of nature, environment, sustainability and the intersection of the physical world with the digital one.

Building Denver: Visions of the Capital City 

WHEN: Thru Sept. 6, 2022
WHERE: History Colorado Center

Tour this time-traveling exhibition with a captivating expert and see The Mile High City in a whole new light! Building Denver: Visions of the Capital City explores the growth, urban development and architecture of Denver from 1860 to today. Throughout 3,000 interactive square feet, the exhibition reveals how civic leaders, designers and residents have steadily worked to bring their own visions for Denver to life.

Memory Mirror

WHEN: Thru March 5, 2023
WHERE: Denver Art Museum

Lares Feliciano's Memory Mirror is an immersive installation that invites visitors to explore their relationship with memory through animation, dioramas and interactive storytelling. Designed to evoke the memory of a relative's living room, this exhibition will transform the museum's Precourt Family Discovery Hall into a surreal domestic den that is both familiar and fantastic.

Night Lights Denver

WHEN: Permanent
WHERE: Daniels & Fisher Tower

Night Lights Denver features rotating content designed by local artists and the community and projected on the Arapahoe Street side of the Daniels & Fisher Tower every Thursday through Saturday evening.

Coming Soon

The Art of Banksy

WHEN: April 14–June 20, 2022
WHERE: The Denver Sports Castle

This globally acclaimed showcase features original and authenticated works associated with, arguably, the most intriguing and talked-about artist in modern history.

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