The Mile High City is fortunate to have its very own Craft SkieryTM.  To observe skis being handcrafted, purchase a pair, quaff a local craft brew and order up a sweet tune for any brand of equipment, head straight for Meier Skis at 970 Yuma St. near downtown and Interstate 25.

Part of Colorado’s growing legion of small ski manufacturers that are revolutionizing quality and customization, Meier Skis outgrew its Glenwood Springs location and moved to Denver in 2016. 

Matt Cudmore and his wife, Rosanna, established the company in 2009, playing off her maiden name, Meier-Grolman. With humble beginnings in a makeshift garage shop, Matt and a few friends began making skis from Colorado trees, specifically aspen and beetle-kill pine.

They were onto something, and the skis began earning a following at nearby Sunlight Mountain Resort and across the U.S. Mountain West. Snowboards were soon added to the product line. Ted Eynon, an entrepreneur and ski enthusiast, became a partner in 2012 and continues to oversee research and development, product design, operations and direction for the company. 

Meier Skis’ niche is creating high-performance skis and snowboards that respect the environment, have a solid wood core, and allow the natural beauty of the materials and craftsmanship shine through clear and colorful top sheets. The aspen, Douglas fir and lodgepole pine woods used are sustainably harvested in Colorado, and a non-toxic “super sap” made with pine oil and recycled vegetable oil binds the core and other layers that make the company’s products truly distinct. Plus, the usual toxic lacquers are not used to create the graphics, and the company keeps it local as much as possible when buying supplies and composts a significant percentage of waste.  

A big bonus is that Meier Skis can customize top sheet designs, meaning a customer can create a unique look that will turn heads on the slopes or promote a business, organization or event. 

Visiting the Meier Skis location is an experience in itself. There is a bar made from the wood cores of Meier skis, a large window for viewing ski production and a good selection of skis for a variety of tastes and ability levels, "sticks for chicks" and limited-edition models. Take a demo pair out for a little slope magic, and you likely will be bringing home a very special souvenir from Denver. 

Meier Skis is open from 9 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday-Friday, and 10 a.m.-5 p.m. on Saturdays. Happy hour tours are available Monday-Saturday after 4:30 p.m.

Top photo courtesy of Meier Skis; other images by Dave Camara