The Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver is the premier green meeting space for a sustainable meeting or convention. 

With a dedicated Sustainable Programs Manager, a robust sustainability program and a 300,000-kilowatt solar array, the LEED Gold Certified Existing Building is the premier sustainable conference center and ideal location for a green meeting or convention. The Colorado Convention Center is now the largest existing building in the region to attain LEED Gold within the Existing Building Operation and Maintenance (EBOM) criteria through recertification. In 2015, The Colorado Convention Center received the CDPHE Environmental Gold Leader Recognition by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).

Please click here for the 2019 Colorado Convention Center Sustainability Report.

For more information, please contact our Sustainable Program Manager, Lindsay Arell (303-681-1768)

Energy Efficiency | Waste Reduction & Diversion | Water Conservation | Air Quality | Community Sustainability Outreach | Green Awards & Accreditations


Our energy conservation programs are designed to optimize efficiencies in our energy consumption by focusing on infrastructure updates, best practices, and preventative maintenance. The program also tracks and records energy consumption to help monitor the impact of our efforts and establish benchmarking goals.

2019 Retrofit Projects

Lighting Retrofit Projects – Continuing working throughout the building to replace HID to LED lighting. This is expected to have a reduction from 80,000W to ~33,000W. Replacement will occur as funds are available or if additional funding is provided for the 2020 CIP. 

Escalators – Continued our effort to convert all escalators to be equipped with Eco Mode. This saves energy by lowering the over-weight of the load per step and when not in use drops into a half-speed that uses less energy. To date, we have converted the Four Season Ballroom and half of A Lobby. We will continue this project for all escalators through 2020. 

Elevators – We have installed new doors and walk-in lighting to all elevators. These updates allow the elevators to move more efficiently and turns the lights off if the elevator hasn’t been called for more than 5 minutes and activated when called again. 


Our comprehensive waste management program plan focuses on identifying, reducing, and diverting the various waste streams created by venue operations, attendees and clients. Components of this plan include a facility Waste Audit, methods to reduce the amount of waste being created, manage inevitable waste and divert waste from landfill by means of reuse, repurposing, recycling and composting. 

  • 2019 Waste Management Highlights 
  • 50% Diversion Rate 

Elimination of single-use plastic water bottles: Building upon the request of events like Outdoor Retailer and International Fly Fishing, the CCC is working to phase out single-use plastic water bottles out of the operation and replace with canned or boxed water. 

Foam core signage elimination: The CCC has discontinued the use of foam core for our internal signs. For 2020 the CCC is working with event organizers and the general service contractors to ban these items from the center, or ask that they be taken back at the end of the event. 

Working with Centerplate, the CCC has eliminated straws and plastic stir sticks from catering events.


The Colorado Convention Center's water quality and conservation best practices address water quality and conservation methods including chemical management, water-efficient landscaping and irrigation, and building infrastructure (toilets, urinals, sinks, showers) efficiencies. The program tracks and records water consumption, and establishes benchmarking goals. 

2019 Water Conservation Highlights: 

  • Replaced the grass along 14th Street with native and drought-resistant plants. As a result, 75% less water is used to maintain these areas. 
  • The CCC replaced approximately 120 faucets with new Chicago self-charging, touchless faucets that only flow water when hands are under the faucet. 
  • The CCC uses green cleaning supplies and practices to eliminate chemicals entering the wastewater system.



Our air quality program addresses improving the Air Quality within and surrounding the venue. Areas of focus include ENGINES OFF! anti-idling policy and enforcement, smoking policies, alternative transportation, fleet vehicle management and management of VOC's and hazardous air pollutants. 

2019 Air Quality Highlights: 

  • ECO Passes provided to all full-time employees, resulting in over 50% of employees take alternative transportation methods when commuting to/from work 
  • Over 98% of cleaning supplies used to maintain the venue are Green Seal or equivalent


The Colorado Convention Center continued its efforts to support the community through both a donation program and volunteer hours. 

2018 Community Outreach and Staff Wellness Highlights: 

  • Earth Day Green Week Challenge had 33 employee participants who committed to sustainable actions for the year 
  • Awarded (4) Champion for the Environment Awards to convention center employees for their continued leadership in our programs 
  • A wellness committee hosted 15 events with participation from more than 150 employees. Activities include: Staff Ski trip, Broncos 7K, Race for the Cure, Habitat for Humanity and much more 
  • In 2019, a total of 266 hours were volunteered by SMG Denver employees at 6 local events



All of these highlights contribute to the many awards and certifications the Colorado Convention Center has received.

  • The CDPHE Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) - Gold 
  • LEED Existing Building: Operations and Maintenance GOLD


For additional information, visit the Colorado Convention Center's sustainability page or download the Green Convention Center FAQs.