High Country Snowmobile Tours


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Snowmobilers on this guided snowmobile tour expect to hold a faster pace than those on the Scenic Colorado Snowmobile Tour, making this tour a great choice for people with prior experience with snowmobiles and ATVs.

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No experience required just an adventurous soul. This 2hr tour* begins at our Birdseye Outpost, altitude 10,000 feet. Here, your guide will begin training you on the operation of your snowmobile that you will use to ascend Prospect Mountain, topping...

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This guided snowmobile tour will take you through the heart of Leadville's Historic Mining District, located in the Colorado Mining Belt. It was the most productive silver mining district in the state. Cumulative production was 240 million troy...

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This popular tour is great for snowmobilers of all types, including families with small children and people snowmobiling for the first time. Bring your camera to take advantage of all the photo opportunities on this guided snowmobile tour. Warm up in...

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Choose a 2 or 3 hour* adventure combining the Scenic Colorado Snowmobile Tour with Snow Tubing. During your tour, you will stop at the tubing hill where you will park your snowmobile and get in your snow tube. Your guide will tow you in your snow...

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Do your own thing, do the unguided rental. Miles of trails to explore along with lots of powder riding in backcountry bowls. Unguided snowmobile rentals are a great option for people who know how to snowmobile. You can depart directly from our...


Snowmobile tours through the Colorado high country. Our experienced guides will take you through the lush forest to some of the most awesome views of the majestic Colorado Rockies. Beginner to advanced, we have tours for all levels of experience. Come experience Colorado's beauty; it's the memory of a lifetime. We are Colorado's finest snowmobile adventure.


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