Denver is home to many wonderful amenities, from its climate and culture to its major league attractions and cuisine. Superior Farms is proud to be a part of this community’s heritage, where their locally sourced American lamb is world-renowned and a favorite among Denver foodies.

Superior Farms is excited to be the presenting sponsor of Denver Restaurant Week 2024! This 20th-anniversary celebration offers the perfect setting for the people of Denver to enjoy all of the terrific culinary attractions the city has to offer and try locally sourced foods like a Colorado rack of lamb, a savory lamb loin chop or an irresistible lamb burger.


Local Product Produced by Locals

Those who pick up Superior Farms lamb at their store or order it off their favorite menu know what it means to enjoy food that’s truly local. How? Because Superior Farms partners exclusively with small family farms and ranches located throughout Colorado and the Western United States, and they process their lamb right here in Denver, where each and every employee is also an owner. That means everyone at Superior Farms is personally invested in delivering the finest quality product.

More than 170 Superior Farms employees work and live in Denver, where their facility has been a pillar of the Globeville neighborhood for decades. These employees and their families are the heart and soul of an operation that supplies fresh, healthy food to retailers and restaurants throughout the region and across the country.


Setting the Standard for Sustainability

Their American lamb is raised naturally by multi-generational family farms that care for the flock and the land they graze. Their partners practice advanced methods such as regenerative grazing and genetic testing to sustain the environment and the health of the animals. These sustainability practices continue throughout Superior Farms’ operation, from their efforts to reduce the use of energy and resources to their innovative packaging, which ensures the freshest product.

Superior Farms’ mission to locally source and responsibly produce the way they do is what separates their American lamb from imported products. Their locally sourced lamb is fresher, more flavorful and better for the environment than meat shipped from far away.


For Special Occasions, Like Tuesday Night Dinner

A magnificent leg or rack of American lamb is often associated with holiday feasts or other special meals. What lamb lovers know is that it’s every bit as versatile and easy to prepare as other proteins, making lamb a great choice any night of the week. Is it pasta night? Spice up the routine with ground lamb meatballs! Firing up the grill? Season a rack of lamb, toss it on the fire and just try to keep the neighbors away!

More consumers want to know where their food comes from, and they hold food purveyors responsible for preserving quality and locality while conserving natural resources. These are the same expectations they have of themselves at Superior Farms. Everything they do as employee-owners is done to deliver the truly superior taste and quality of locally raised American lamb. During this year’s Denver Restaurant Week and beyond, they’re confident people will love their product as much as Superior Farms loves Denver!