Sure, you’ll find all the standard foodie staples in The Mile High City — burgers, pizza, steak, sushi — but there are also plenty of out-of-the-ordinary eats. 

Buckhorn Exchange

The Wild West certainly lives on at this Denver institution! Opened well over a century ago, Buckhorn Exchange is Denver's oldest restaurant. Here, you can try elk, ostrich and yak, all prepared to perfection.

Work & Class

From the building — made out of old shipping containers — to the cuisine — which includes meat-centric entrees like roasted goat and a whole fried Idaho trout — Work & Class puts a new spin on “working class” fare.


Linger’s global menu includes a few items that might give even the most adventurous eater pause, including the cricket and cassava empanada.

The Fort Restaurant

For the ultimate Colorado delicacy, head to The Fort Restaurant in Morrison and order the Rocky Mountain oysters. You’ll also find braised bison tongue, duck quesadilla and “bison eggs,” pickled quail eggs wrapped in house-made buffalo sausage, on the menu.

Machete Tequila + Tacos

Huitlacoche, also known as corn smut, is a fungus that grows on corn after rainstorms. It's considered a delicacy for its unique taste — a cross between a truffle and sweet corn kernels. Try it in the Huitlacoche Quesadilla at one of Machete's three Denver locations. 

Bamboo Sushi

Geoduck (pronounced gooey duck) is, surprisingly, not a type of water fowl. It's actually a type of giant soft-shell clam. Order it up as nigiri or sashmi at Bamboo Sushi.

Biker Jim's

Not your ordinary hot dogs. Biker Jim's is a beloved Denver food cart that serves up such exotic sausages as elk, reindeer and even rattlesnake!

Captions: Buckhorn Exchange and roasted bison marrow bones at The Fort. 

Roasted marrow bones at The Fort